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Through my work with a wide range of diverse government organizations and local television, as well as my experience as a support worker and senior media development manager and documentary filmmaker/director , I have had the opportunity to come in contact with individuals who are often challenged by their service delivery. Witnessing firsthand the impact that isolation can have on people has opened my eyes to the struggles faced by those who are ostracized by society.

However, I have also discovered that with a little effort, we can make a difference and positively impact the lives of those in our communities. My passion for working with people, my respect for all individuals, and my years of experience in the field have allowed me to connect with and interview people who have been forgotten or overlooked by society. By showcasing positive interactions and experiences, I hope to inspire viewers to mirror these behaviors and work towards creating a more equitable world.

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we believe in amplifying the voices of those who have been historically marginalised by society. As Helen Keller once said, "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." We are committed to using our expertise in video and media production to give a voice to those who have been silenced for too long.

Our team is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds, with a shared passion for creating content that is inclusive, empowering, and thought-provoking. We recognise the importance of listening to and working with the communities we document, and we strive to ensure that their voices are represented both in front of and behind the camera.

Whether it's telling the stories of individuals with disabilities, highlighting the experiences of minority communities, or shedding light on important social issues, we are dedicated to producing content that inspires change and encourages dialogue. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can work together to bring your vision to life.


Inclusive positive approach working organically and as a partnership . Get in touch today to find out more about my services.



As an experienced documentary filmmaker I have a passion for telling stories that inspire change. We believe that everyone has a story worth telling, and work tirelessly to ensure that the voices of those who have been historically marginalised are heard.

We recognise the importance of working in partnership with commissioners and our target audience. We believe that collaboration is key to producing content that resonates with viewers and inspires change. We work closely with our partners to ensure that our films are not only compelling, but also informative and reflective of their needs and desires.

As a company that values can-do attitudes, we draw inspiration from the words of Helen Keller, who said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." We believe that by working together, we can create a world that is more inclusive, more just, and more equitable.

Whether you're looking to produce a documentary that sheds light on important social issues, or you're looking to tell the stories of individuals with disabilities, our team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can work together to bring your vision to life.


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Please E mail Nigel  if you have any questions, or need a quote for your next project.

Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

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